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Initial sessions are for clients who are getting a new set of brows or it has been more than 36-months since your last session. All Initial Sessions include the 6-9 week touch up.


An "INITIAL SESSION INQUIRY FORM" is required to be filled out prior to reaching out to be booked for your brow session.

$500  |  lasts 1-2 years

$100 non-refundable retainer due at booking.

Microblading gives the most natural final brow result. A client with excessively oily or more mature skin type, this technique will result in a soft powder stroke. Dry skin types tend to heal with a crisper, defined result. This is a great option for anyone who have naturally fuller brows with no major asymmetry imbalances. Microbladed brows are created by strategically placing individual strokes- creating fine, hair-like strokes. This style is best for anyone who wants natural brows at all times but are okay with filling them in when they want them bolder.

Microblading + Shading
included  |  lasts 2-3 years


Microblading + shading gives a fuller, more defined brow. At your touch-up we will perfect the strokes created at the initial session and add shading starting from the tail towards the front. Depending on any natural asymmetry imbalances in the brow, we can use shading to give the illusion of balance. This technique is best added for those who want that makeup effect or who have major asymmetry imbalances (i.e. my recovered 90's over-pluckers).


Due to client's healing and retention, if an additional touch up session is needed post the complimentary session, this rate will be charged. If your 6-9 week touch up appointment must be postponed due to client's personal schedule, this rate will be charged at second appointment.



$75 non-refundable retainer due at booking.

Annual refreshers are for clients who have previously had microblading done by Mariah. Time frame is based off your initial session date for your first annual refresher. Brows must be a minimum of 40% faded prior to booking your appointment.

9-15 MONTH: $275
16-22 MONTH: $325
23-29 MONTH: $375
30-36 MONTH: $425



Any clients who have had previous permanent cosmetic brow work done by any other artist are required an in-salon consultation to be considered as a new client. If Mariah is comfortable accepting them but a major color correction is needed per Mariah's discretion, a $100 fee will be added. If they are 90%+ faded or it's been 37+ months since your last session, they will be considered an Initial Session. Make sure to fill out your "COVER-UP INQUIRY FORM" prior to your consultation appointment.


Mariah understands that getting your brows microbladed is not just a huge commitment, it's a face tattoo, but is also an expensive up-front cost. Come in for an in-salon consultation to be able to talk out any concerns, and questions you may have. This is the perfect opportunity to meet Mariah and have all your worries set to ease. She will be able to explain the whole process of microblading to you, talk about your brow goals so you can confidentially come in for your session with her.
If you decided to move forward with your brow session with Mariah and book time of your consultation appointment, the $25 fee will be waived, and your retainer will be due.


$25 cancellation fee

Are you highly considering getting your eyebrows microbladed but nervous and don't have the time to come into the salon for a consult? Book a Video consultation with Mariah to go over all your questions and concerns plus get to know your artist. She wants you to be 100% comfortable when booking so take this opportunity to learn about your best investment. Videos consults are only for potential initial session clients only.
Cover-ups are required to do an in-salon consultation.

$25 fee will be charged to late cancels and no-shows.


Cash is accepted and preferred. All credit and debit cards are an acceptable form of payment and are subject to a 5% processing fee. Checks, Venmo, Zelle & Cash App are not accepted.

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