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We strive to offer our guests the highest level of guest satisfaction. If you are experiencing challenges with your extension placement, let us know within 7 days of your visit and we are happy to adjust the issue with no additional charge. This excludes changes to color, or if you decide you would like to add more hair, an additional row or placement ITips.


If you decide to move forward with your hair extension dream, your $50 consultation fee will be waived and 50% of your install appointment rate will be due as a non-refundable retainer. The remaining installation balance will be due day of install appointment.

Hair extensions are non-refundable or exchangeable under any circumstances and we do not offer refunds on extension services received.



  • For the first few days, the extensions may feel tight. This is normal, especially when pulling hair up and sleeping. After a few days the extensions will feel normal, and you should adjust to them. Please reach out if you feel discomfort after a few days.

  • Hair is expected to last between 6-12 months with proper at-home and in-salon care. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

  • Extensions will experience color fading over time. We can tone your extensions to maintain vibrancy, but we cannot and do not recommend lightening them.

  • I-Tip Clients: It is normal and expected to lose about 10 single strand extensions between the day of your installation and your next maintenance appointment. Please bring them to your next appointment so we can reapply them.


  • Maintenance appointments are required every 4-6 weeks for I-Tips and every 6 weeks for Wefts. Once we see how your hair grows, and how you maintain the extensions we can determine what the best time frame is for you.

  • Remember your initial install is based off general placement. Everything is customizable so once you come back for your maintenance appointments, we can discuss any adjustments you would like to make to the placement for comfort and undetectability.

  • Please arrive to all maintenance appointments with clean, dry hair. If your hair is not adequately clean, we will need to add a blowout, and if we do not have time to add a blowout we may need to reschedule.


  • Always use a boar bristle brush at your attachment site.

  • Always use a detangling brush to brush through your mid shaft to ends. Make sure to hold you hair extensions at attachment site while brushing, starting from the ends working your way up to the mid shaft to avoid placing tension at the roots.

  • Brush your hair 2-3 times a day to prevent tangling.

  • Wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Lift up and wash thoroughly in between each row. Do not rub or massage. Wash them in a downward motion, in a zig-zag pattern.

  • Apply conditioner to mid shaft to ends, avoiding scalp and beads. Use a deep conditioner/mask once a week.

  • After washing pat dry with a microfiber towel, and gently absorb the excess water.

  • Use a leave in-conditioner, and dry hair thoroughly especially at the attachment site. Do not sleep with wet hair.

  • Apply a hair oil to your hair 1-2 times daily, mid shaft to ends. Brush with boar bristle to help distribute product.

  • Gently braid your hair before sleeping to prevent tangling. Its best to sleep on silk or satin pillowcase.

  • Chlorine and salt water can cause extensions to severely tangle, mat and strip hair of color. Put your hair up in a bun coated with conditioner when swimming.

  • You can use heat on your extensions but ALWAYS using a heat protectant and limiting how often you are using the heat tools to prolong the longevity of your hair.


Please understand that your hair and extensions are an investment that you are making and we can only guide you as much as we can in the chair. Once you leave the salon, you have to do your part of properly taking care of your hair and extensions so you can get the most life out of them. DO NOT use products found at the drug stores (QFC, Walgreens, etc.), off-price dept. stores (Marshall’s, etc.) or Amazon.Salon quality products are not to be sold outside of a salon without a cosmetologist recommendation so nobody can guarantee the quality of those products.When needing fresh products, purchase through either us at Rosé, or your regular hair salon.

It is important to note, you will only want to wash your hair every few days at the most. The goal is max of two washes a week. When we wash our hair excessively, the natural oils our body produces do not have enough time to disperse throughout the hair shaft, leaving hair DRY especially to extensions.

If you feel as if your hair gets "too oily" if you don’t wash it every day, this is because your body has grown accustomed to this habit and is trying to produce oil on overdrive to make up for washing out the oil at a frequent rate. You may need to retrain your body and your hair. This will cause your hair to be oily for a few weeks, but trust us, it's WORTH IT. We will recommend a Dry Shampoo for your hair type to help stretch your washes.


Conditioning Treatments provide deeper hair care than masks and they restore moisture, give shine, and keep your hair healthy overall.

Masks are not to be confused with a treatment. These are two different things because they get to different layers of your hair. Masks offer a deep conditioning result, but they only work on the surface of the hair - like conditioners. Every time after washing, using a Leave-In Conditioner spray or creme which will help detangle, strengthen, and hydrate your extensions plus they have an additional heat protectant.

To help keep your extensions fluffy and not weighed down, use a Clarifying Shampoo twice a month, especially during your wash prior to your maintenance appointment. A clarifying shampoo removes product build-up, excess oil, pollution residue and minerals found in water. To help with mineral build-up, especially hard water, we HIGHLY recommend switching out your regular shower head to one with a filter. Additionally, impurities in your tap water that will often dry your skin and hair. The filter will purify the shower water to make your skin and hair feel smoother and softer.

Before using any hot tools, use a heat protectant! Applying evenly throughout all of your hair, section by section. Daily, you will want to use a hair oil at least one to two times a day. Start with a small pea sized amount and you can always add from there. Emulsify the product in your palms and disperse evenly. Start from the ends, working your way up to mid shaft.

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